IMG_6941eIMG_7072A Boudoir-Goddess photo shoot is a unique, once in a lifetime experience and naturally you will have questions. I hope to answer the most common ones here, but if you would rather just fire off an email or have a chat, then I would love to hear from you and answer all your questions.

What is Boudoir-Goddess?
Boudoir-Goddess is your chance to spoil yourself, be a bombshell and have stunning, timeless photos to keep or share. Time and again women say their Boudoir-Goddess photo shoot was one of the best experiences of their lives. They feel amazing seeing themselves looking so gorgeous and irresistible and they walk away feeling on top of the world!
The finalised images from your shoot will be saved as jpg’s and supplied on USB for you to do with as you wish. If you want a really special keep-sake or gift, ask us about having your images made into one of our beautiful photo books or a stunning canvas.

Do you provide professional hair and make-up?
Yes. If you want to be thoroughly pampered we are lucky enough to have top-class hair and make-up artists who can turn you into a knock out Boudoir-Goddess!

Where is the photo shoot?
Your boudoir photo shoot can be in the comfort of your own home, or if you prefer a hotel room can be booked.
Don’t forget Boudoir-Goddess operates bi-annually in the U.K. too, so if you are living on the South Coast get in touch to arrange your photo shoot.

How long is my photo shoot?
Actual time taking photos is around 2 hours. If you have opted to have professional hair and make-up then this usually takes approximately 1 hour, if you are doing your own hair and make-up I will use this time to set-up. You should allow about 4-5 hours for the whole experience from start to finish.

How many photos will I get?
Usually each boudoir shoot results in about 20 finalised images. You will receive high resolution jpg’s on USB, you might also consider having your images made into one of our beautiful photo books or a stunning canvas.

What should I bring?
Bring along your favourite lingerie (bra, knickers, teddy, stockings, garters, corset, anything you want). Be creative, your husband’s shirt or tie make a really sexy look. Don’t forget your favourite shoes, jewellery and accessories. Its not necessary to have a change of outfit, but if you have several pieces then that’s fine too, perhaps a maximum of 3 changes purely because of the time it takes to change.

How should I prepare for the shoot?
You want to look your best, so think about any necessary hair touch-ups. It’s worth paying particular attention to your nails and feet. Routine body care like shaving and waxing is best done a day or two before so your skin is settled and looking its best. We also recommend you don’t wear anything tight-fitting on the day of your photo shoot so there are no marks where perhaps socks, a bra or even a watch have pressed into the skin.

Is there any nudity?
No. It is your photo shoot and you will lead it. It’s all about having fun and feeling relaxed to look your best in the photos, so at no point will you be doing anything you are not 100% comfortable with. However, if you are feeling a bit daring, the most we will do is shoot ‘implied’ nudity – using a sheet or shirt in a carefully arranged pose – sexy is not about baring all, its far more about how you feel and that is what comes through the lens.

Do you photoshop the images?
Boudoir-Goddess is all about making you feel fabulous and bringing out your unique beauty and personality through the lens. Professional retouching is part of the service and your photos will be finalised as art-ready, but erasing laughter lines and blurring the skin to resemble plastic is not what we are about. You will be you in the photos and you will love how knock-out gorgeous you look!

When will I see my photos?
Your shoot will be fun and relaxed, so you will be able to look at the shots being taken at anytime. After the shoot we will arrange a meet-up to review the best images together, once the choices are finalised and post production is finished, you will receive high resolution images on a convenient USB stick for you to do with as you wish.
If you are taking up our option of a beautiful photo book, we will go through the images together and select which ones go in.

Will my images be used for marketing?
No. Your privacy is our highest concern.
The images you see on this website are shown with our clients express permission only. If you are kind enough to offer any of your images for use in our marketing then we would need you to sign a model release form.

Do you do gift vouchers?
Yes we do. Just drop us an email for further information.

Sounds great! What’s the next step?
Easy! Just get in touch – drop a line or give us a call to arrange your Boudoir-Goddess experience!